Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Fruit That Unites

I am not a sporty person, nor am I particularly interested in watching sport. So I did not intend to pay much attention to the London Olympic Games.

Food is something I am invested in. When friends invited us to watch the Opening Ceremony at their place last night ... with pizzas, I decided to go. Pizza duty fell to me and on the menu was Pizza Frosolone:  Ham, bacon, onion, mushrooms, and - pineapple. 

When ordering I checked that everyone was OK with pineapple because, strangely, not everyone loves pineapple on their pizza. Yet, pineapple is the fruit that unites pizza lovers near and far. For or against it, we agree it's hard to fathom what is up with the folk who choose to eat pizza otherwise. 
Last night I was amongst pro-pineapple people but even if they had been staunch no-pineapple-ests, we'd still be unified by the bigger pizza love. After all, I can totally concede that pineapple isn't for every pizza.

So back to watching the Opening Ceremony with Frosolone goodness in hand: From London, a serious looking French gentleman politely reminds me that the origin and tradition of the Olympics is not just about the sport or the winning. Or the font and the logo. Apparently the Olympic Games are about what can unite us: respect, friendship, excellence. Pizza is just a bonus. Go Aussies!

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