Welcome to Small Things - a collection of relativity. 
I'm Katie K - collector - bibliopolist - temporary tatooist.

Small Things is where I admire layers, bookmark ideas, connect random dots, and play with words; all things that relate to life, creativity and business. I like words a lot (singularly too) and often my word posts are simply to record the structure, sense, beauty, or fun of a word/phrase.
Most posts are bite-sized pieces of life, language, and the Internet that made me stop and smile and think - or vice versa. 

So, amused or enlightened or appreciative, I post things I want to explore, shelve, and share.

EDIT: 01 FEB 2013
Since discovering Instagram I no longer post to Small Things with any regularity. Most internet finds are Pinned, life bites are Instagrammed, and language play is toyed with between the two.

Thanks for stopping by!

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