Saturday, July 28, 2012

The George Backstory

When Six was ten years old, his dad moved to Cremorne. This meant Six spent most all of his free days on Cremorne Beach with Anton. Anton, was about the same age, lived two doors away, and he's still one of Six's best mates. Anyways, apart from playing cricket, riding their BMXs, fishing, learning how to swim, surf, and other beachy pastimes, Anton and Six also threw clumps of dry sand at each other.

Four years go by and one day, during an innings of sand clump throwing, one of them looks at the clump in his hand and asks,
What is this actually called?
More than two decades on, all Six recalls is that (i) the question was asked and (ii) a suitable name emerged from the banter that followed it.

What I remember is that, shortly after we started seeing each other, (iii) Six took me camping for a weekend at Stumpys Bay. And while sitting together on the beach, doing our best to ignore the bracing wind, he picked up a small clump of sand and asked,
Did you know that there's a name for these?
Did you?
One name is george; a perfectly quirky fit for the fragile, oddly shaped everyday phenomenon of a dry clump of sand.

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