Friday, July 6, 2012

Snorkel Souvenir

While snorkeling in Amed (East Bali) on my holiday, I broke the clip that keeps my snorkel and mask joined at the strap. We were visiting a shipwreck site, just off the beach... so of course there was a fellow with a small snorkel hire business just on the beach.

I asked how much to hire a mask and snorkel.
He asked me what was wrong with mine?
I showed him my broken clip.
He gave me this to replace it:

makeshift snorkel clip
It's a makeshift snorkel clip from an old inner-tube.

In case you're wondering, it works like this:

It won't last but neither did the original clip. It will remain one of my favourite souvenirs; simple, clever, practical, ecofriendly. It also kept my mask and snorkel together through underwater forays around the Gilis and Lombok - further attaching itself to some incredible marine memories.

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