Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flowers From Outer Space

Much to my flexor's dismay, today I cut back the banana passionfruit vine (bp) that was making unruly advances from our neighbour's yard.

We planted this vine about 6 years ago to cover the ugly back fence. It was always out of control and the fruit was not a patch on the fruit I remembered from my mum's vine. In the end we removed the bp... but not before it had taken root on our neighbours side of the fence.

The bp had a really great time in our yard and didn't handle the rejection very well. I know this because it keeps climbing back over the fence... and trying to smother the Lilly Pilly bushes we replaced it with.

I don't mind the task of cutting it back because this bp has the most alien looking flowers I have ever come across in a backyard garden:

This is one very cool bloom!

But no amount of funky flowers will win me over on the permanency issue. Until this bp moderates its aggresive and selfish behaviour, it will remain relegated to the neighbours yard for most of the year.

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