Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Have you ever missed the intended point/tone of a comment until after framing a response?
Sure, most of the time, backspace is your friend, but sometimes it seems a shame to waste the misfit reply.

For those times I give you the dohclamation mark:

When you want to say  
See what I missed there?

Just add this puppy onto the end of any seemingly random response and you're good to press send.

The dohclamation mark was my entry for The New Yorker's Questioningly competition that coincided with National Punctuation Day (September 24) in the US of A. The challenge was to create one new punctuation mark from two tried and trues.

Are all mentions in The New Yorker equal? No.
But a mention is still a mention and, this week, 
the rest is just semantics.

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