Monday, August 27, 2012

Pocket Bling

As a rule, I do not subscribe to bling when it comes to clothes and accessories. But meet my second favourite pair of jeans:

I'm not sure that's enough bling for one pocket
+ Incongruous shiny sparkles overdose
= Exception to my bling rule.

When I first spotted them I figured someone had had their sarcastic way in the design department while trying to use up excess glitz. It's now been over a year since I grabbed these off the shop rack and tried them on with incredulous delight. I still laugh at them and continue to wear them for chuckles whether that was the intention or not.

Anyways, up until yesterday I affectionately referred to these jeans as my "bling butts". But not anymore. Butt bling has a different meaning on the Internet. And it's taken the shine off my sarcastic jeans' nickname. Probably forever.

Image via Instagram.

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