Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Recall

Last week I mentioned  how much I like george as a common noun. Usually once I write down a shiny word we both go our separate merry ways until we meet again. Not this time. Writing it down was not enough.  Nor was starting a small collection of georges. This word just keeps hanging around.
Did I need to see it in a dictionary perhaps?
So I submitted george to the dictionary that publishes almost anything. Unfortunately they do publish almost anything.

When I read Urban Dictionary's other definitions of george, I both vomited a little in my mouth and felt serious misgivings about Six and Anton's george definition in such company. But it's too late; there's no recall button and george won't be the first to spend time in a less than ideal location. At least definition #7 (a US 1 dollar note) will be grateful for the company.

Definition #7
Uncapitalised george can go further though.
And by further I mean: Why not all the way into the hallowed electronic pages of...
Yes. There's some ground to cover.
I am of a mind to cover that ground. 

TRUE or FALSE. Facts from the Urban Dictionary:

a) There are some 3681 males named George
    compensating for something with the vote button.
b) At least 2840 teenagers of both sexes are in 'love'
    with someone named George.
c) A US$1 note is nicknamed a george
d) That is all. True story.

P.P.S So 'almost anything' does not include our george. Submission rejected and I admit to more than a little relief...though I do feel sorry for lonesome definition #7 - it remains the only inoffensive george in the UD.

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