Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hear, Hear

A great psyche-me-up song was playing as Six and I set off to work recently. It led to this conversation:

Me: Hey this is a great tune. I haven't heard it before.
Six: Um...yes you have.
Me: Well maybe I have listened to it but I didn't hear it.
Six: You mean that you have heard it, you just didn't listen to it. Like when I hear you talking but I am not listening to what you are saying.
Me: Are you sure? I wonder which is the correct way to say it?
Six: Google.
Tonight I did just that. Of course, by definition, Six is correct. We use our ears to hear and our brains to listen. Well mostly.

The song was A.I.M FIRE! I imagined a video clip of rats on happy pills, driving cars to join the race to work. As it turns out the clip was nothing like that but it still made me smile.

Google link via The Presurfer.
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