Sunday, May 20, 2012

About About

Introducing myself has proven more difficult than being myself.
True story.
This post got me thinking about an About Page: Why don't I have an introduction, a word or two to the 'who's and 'why's? [pause] Because I hadn't really thought about it.

Next question: How to introduce Small Things and myself?  
I googled "about pages" and was not inspired. This made better reading. I started writing and I ended up with a lot of words. Then I googled "funny venn diagrams" and found my answer:

image credit

In fairness, the Venn's message is not so different to that of the marketing gurus... Or the way I try to create my posts already. There were just too many words in my way to see it:

Choose a few words - with care, humour and links. And a picture.
The End.

PS I shall About, soon.

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