Monday, April 9, 2012

The King's Speech

I admit I am easily impressed by a well verbed noun. Although Colin Firth is the main reason I finally got around to seeing The King's Speech, David Seidler's scripting ties for 1st place in the 'Aspects of the Film I Enjoyed Most' stakes.
Duke of York (Colin Firth): I've been trying to see you...
King Edward VIII (Guy Pearce): I've been terribly busy.
Duke of York: Doing what?
King Edward VIII : Kinging.
The royally verbed noun is in such witty company, this warmhearted drama gets 5 out of 5 pocket whip cracks from me - perhaps not quite the cherry on the cakeful of BAFTAs, Oscars, 5 stars and critical acclaim already sitting on its plate.


Girl Booker said...

I loved this movie too but you have the better reason compared to mine which is "um... it was good".

katie k said...

Hello GB, " was good" will convince more people to see it than "it has a great verbed noun" though. I agree; it really was all good!

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