Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Easy Hard Nut

Pistachio nuts are most commonly sold with their clothes still on. No doubt this is because the shell is half of their charm. The pistachio reticence makes for rewarding snacking - shy enough to inspire effort but not so difficult as to make it hard work. Sure, pistachios must be shelled one by one but no skill or strength is required; they are the easy hard nut to crack.

Unlike a handful of cashews or peanuts, easily thrown down with a few chews for good measure, when I have to individually shell pistachios I slow down and
pay attention
I enjoy them more than any other nut even though pistachios are technically seeds.

Ok... I also admit to happy inner-cartwheel moments
when I get to the bottom of a bowl
and discover the shell free nuts that shook loose in transit.

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