Monday, April 30, 2012

Chilli Lab

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Chillies are one of my [few] gardening successes. I now have both Thai and Jalapeno chillies ripening on their respective plants and they are surprisingly forgiving of my not-so-green thumb. I love the flavour and feel good zing but I did not know the active component of the chilli pepper, capsaicin, is so hot in medical circles right now! OK, so apparently it has been medically fashionable forever but it was news to me. The hotter the chilli the greater the health benefit so this winter I shall work on increasing my chilli habit...aka my tolerance level.
Below is my Thai Chilli plant doing its rainbow thing. You can check out the capsaicin levels in your chilli of choice at Greg Emerson Bocquet's interactive Scoville Scale.

my home chilli lab

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