Friday, June 26, 2009


I read The Maltese Falcon a couple of years ago. This pic is from the 1941 movie starring Bogart:

All right, Dad. Shed the heater. Make it smooth now.

... you're all washed up now, you and your big smile.
Hoist the mitts while I get your iron. Up, Mister.

These awesome quotes are from a short story I read this week by Raymond Chandler; Goldfish (1936). The words actually belong to a girl named Carol who ... wore a blue suit cut with a lot of snap. Her face was fresh and young and delicate and as hard as a chisel. Carol is one cool customer, folks; a lady who wants her own way.

I know the language is from a time past but I would dearly love to see the term toots makes a comeback into common usage.

oh and just in case you missed the link Old Time Radio readings in the comments section of the Goldfish link:


Mariana Soffer said...

I would love for that language expressions to come to live again. Be used by people in our everyday language.
My favorite one, yes you might say I am romantic, is from the movie Casablanca, when he says "We ll always have pairs" which has a unique meaning beyond simple language, which is a metaphor regarding a movie part that means that they will always have what they lived;

jambuku said...

Oh Mariana, a wonderful quote but a perfect typo!

They can have paris...

you and me, toots, will always have pairs [of socks] ;-)

Perhaps i am too practical.

Mariana Soffer said...

Great response!

valbrussell said...

You are a movie/book buff after my own heart Jam. Toots may make a comeback, but it will have to displace hoochiedoodle, hoochiemama and biyotch first. I like that you two, paris and pairs. :)

jambuku said...

Yes, big hurdles indeed. Perhaps a hybrid may help to bridge the leap: hoochietoots, anyone?

I thought not.

valbrussell said... hold the phone're on to about hoochietootle? ;) I can see using this and since my twelve year old daughter has access to the adolescent halls of slang spreading, it may catch on.

jambuku said...

Haha, Val, it has a better ring to it but perhaps too many syllables to win this broad over.

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