Friday, April 10, 2009


In creating this avatar I wasted more time tonight than I will admit to. For the time and effort invested, I am still only vaguely recognisable. Sure, anonymity is the whole point of the avatar...
but I still prefer my fruit face:

Shiny me created with portrait illustration maker.

My fruit face has more character.

After the digital dress up session I stumbled across this blog entry featuring a whole bunch of avatar creation links. Uh oh! I fear this is only the first chunk of time wasted in revisiting the doll fascination of my youth.

Avatarting adds to a lengthening list of
Schedule Avoidance Measures.


Hula Hank said...

Maybe if the fruit had a smiley face it would be more of a resemblence.

jambuku said...

Maybe H. But a smiling guava might also be really really creepy... oh wait... is that your point? :-)

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