Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maple Pecan Plait

My latest food fixation belongs to the lesser known Sixth Essential Food Group (Pastries) :

The Maple Pecan Plait

Scarily, the best ones I have unearthed in Perth come from BP's Wild Bean Cafes. What is it with those evil multinational oil companies and their near perfect maple pecan pastry oligopoly?

EDIT 04/05/2012:
            Links to recipes:


caz said...

Mmmm.... yum! I just had one from COles and it was delish! It's nice when you catch them fresh on the shelf. I'm trying to source a recipe now. Have you had any luck?

katie k said...

Hi Caz

a tad late but perhaps useful to someone else, I have edited post to include the best recipe links I could find.

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